Monday, July 21, 2008

A Poor Man's Who?

I'm sure not too many people are paying attention to summer league NBA crapola right now. I'm glad I'm very, very casually following it, because if I were not, I may have missed one of the meanest things ever said about Drew Neitzel. I have said plenty of mean things about him myself, but I recognize when I've been trumped.

It comes courtesy of Britt Robson, of the "On the Ball" blog we've praised mightily before. Britt was discussing the lack of any real potential point guards coming out of the Las Vegas clusterfuck when he said, "Pooh Jeter and Brian Ahearn are not the answer as back-up point guards. For that matter, not a single Wolves players registered an assist coming off the bench. Jeter was really the only "true" point on the roster. and he's undersized. Drew Neitzel was strictly a heat-check gunner, a poor man's Ricky Frahm. "

A poor man's Ricky Frahm.

Jesus Christ, that is unkindly. And awesome. (Technically, Ricky is actually Richie. But I don't think that lessens the burn any.)

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