Friday, July 11, 2008

Dirty A-Robberin' Strikes Again

Way back, a long time ago (December 2007) we were rightly and justly and rightly pissed off about some dude named RubeDogg who had "borrowed" our t-shirt design and was selling it on

We raised a bit of a stink, and it was our understanding that the design would not be offered any more. The "fine folks" of Zazzle assured us, that hey, that's not how they do business, and they would dig up this fucking reprobate, and make sure everything was tidy, yeah?

In fact, if you click the link we included in our original screed, you'll find that Zazzle link dead.

But, evil ass licker RubeDogg is back, with a brand new invention--our t-shirt! Again!

Thief! Bastard! Dirty shitstained underpant licker! Way to "create" a shirt that happens on the scene more than a year after ours, for the second time, and LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE OURS. You cock-knocker. You fuckwit. "Booooo", I am yelling at you, "Booooooo!"

1 comment:

Lucy Rhode said...

Fuckwit is an excellent term. Shall we blend this jerk's tiny balls in a blender and serve them over ice?