Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogger Round-Up: Quizzes and Errata Edition

We contributed to an Olympic Quiz, from what appears to be a beta project from the people who decide what stays on the Talkin' Box--Nielsen. Did you know that Lost Contributor Barnyard and I, who were roommates in college, were at one point a Nielsen Family? We had a diary and everything. This was back in the heydey of Sportscenter, where you had Dan and Keith, and then Craig and some other dude. I'm pretty Barnyard and I lied like crazy about how many Sportscenter reruns we watched. Lots of the blogs we usually link to participated, including Ladies... and The Sports Couch Potato, and others. Take the Quiz, you may win a Wii, which apparently will be in short supply in the fall, according to Nintendo's business plan. Take the Quiz!

Last Blogger Round-up, I mentioned that I knew of one Green Bay Blog. I did so, anticipating that lots of Green Bay bloggers would put down their bongs filled with battery acid long enough to say, "Hey, Man, I have a Green Bay blog." One blog responded in that way, so we are going to link to them now. Cheesehead TV digs into the nitty gritty, even responding to a retired Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal columnist who compared Favre's situtation with washed-up dudes who asked for releases. I have to agree with the lads at Cheesehead TV--comparing William Henderson to Brett Favre is ridiculous, and would have been ridiculous at any stage in their respective careers.

I mentioned above that The Sports Couch Potato is a place we like to link to, but we actually haven't linked to them in awhile. But they do cover an interesting niche in the sports world, and little stories like this are the reason why. How do retired players end up becoming commentators? They go through commentator boot camp.

Rumor and Rants have been linking to us pretty regularly, and they are good guys, and more importantly, they have one of those "I got worked by a future pro" stories that I love reading. In this case, it is a new Cub reliever, by the name of Jeff Samardzija, from Rumor and Rants contributor "The Riot". It is an entertaining, self-deprecating read.

Czech defender/badass Tomas Ujfalusi has tiny nipples. I learned that via Sniffing the Touchline, who found photos of Ujfalusi and his dirty, dirty wife posing in photos that are just barely safe for work. There is no nudity, but there is a certain low-budget porn aspect to the photos that makes me frustrated uncomfortable.

Aside from my occasional reference to Star Wars or comic books or video games, I do try to keep the nerdiness down to an acceptable level around here. Miwacar has suggested, more than once, that I need to start a new blog all about my more nerdy pursuits. He may just be cockblocking me, though. All of that said, I do love reading the new Gaming News, which I get from Kotaku (part of the same media empire as Deadspin, which I'm sorry, isn't the same since Will left). So I'm nerdily excited about a couple of things that probably don't matter at all to your average sports fan--1) That Jordan Mechner, the guy who designed the original Prince of Persia is working on a new version of one my favorite games of all-time, Karateka 2) Via Kotaku, via GamersReports, that Soul Calibur 4 will allow, via DLC, the opportunity to fight with Yoda against Darth Vader. (You see, initial reports were that one character would be exclusive to the Playstation3, the other exclusive to Xbox 360.) The video suggests otherwise! I can't wait to kick Miwacar's ass with Yoda!

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Lucy Rhode said...

Where is Barnyard? Didn't he comment a bit ago? We miss you Barnyard. You definitely brought something to the table.

Uncomfortable Big Blue should spew into his own nerd blog, but he is a busy man. A new baby blog would suck a lot of time. We wouldn't want another abandoned infant out there. Have we all forgotten Your Rotund Promiscuous Mother? Apparently so. If Big Blue births a new blog, other activities would have to be sacrificed. If you need help setting your priorities, Big Blue, Lucy is offering her valuable closet cleaning services. :)