Friday, August 25, 2006

One Very Angry Drunk Man's Take on the Worst of the NFL

For those who haven't read badcock's predictions, with their questionable math, libelous nicknames, and palpable hate for bad franchises (I liked it best when he called Al Davis the "old lady in a tracksuit") we are compelled to organize them for you here.

Jets/49's/ Texans
Motor City Kitties
Oakland Raiders

Finally, try to find a less flattering portrait of a team written by a guy who predicts that team to win their division. Go ahead and try!

Chicago Bears.

I would argue that badcock is wrong about the Texans and the Lions. But that's why we play the games, and all that other shit. Also, anyone who is writing up profiles of bad teams and leaves off the horrendous Cleveland Browns, and their 4-12 record this year isn't doing their job properly, in my mind.

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Anonymous said...

Big Blue is wrong. I think Badcock is a genius! So do all of my mentally disabled yet promiscuous gymnastic sorority sisters!