Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Never Get Tired of Jim Rome Falling Down

For our buddy and co-blogger chato, who somehow missed one of the finest athlete attack videos of all time. Jim Everett letting a young and precociously dickfaced Jim Rome that he does not like to be called Chris.

I will never, ever get tired of this. It's up there with Dave Brown juking and running through the tackle of Deion Sanders. I can't find that on YouTube, though.

Neophytes, enjoy. Old timers, sit back, and remember when. I guess this is why Jim does all his interviews via satellite now.


Mo'Money said...

Did you just find out about this?? Your originality needs work, along with your wack blog

Jerious Norwood said...

Oh Snap! He got you good, bitch!

Peter O said...

Jim Rome has always sounded like a guy who's trying to convince himself he has a penis.