Friday, December 04, 2009

Wild Players Get Hilarious Montage

The Minnesota Wild players and staff participated in Movember, wherein folks grow moustaches to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. It is a pretty dude-centric related fundraiser, and the ethos of the whole thing is pretty dude-centric (check out the website in which a guy dressed up as prostate cancer gets shot down by hot chicks as a perfect example of what I mean).

So I have to assume that this moving tribute of the Wild moustaches that aired tonight at the Xcel Energy Center tonight was tongue in cheek, though according to my spy (fine, Garwood of IDYFT) at the Xcel Center, there was a whole lot of confusion in the stands about what was so funny about it. Of course, moustaches are hilarious, but in the midwest, they are common, and it is often hard to tell the difference between a manly blue collar worker, a hipster brandishing his irony, and a hilarious 70's gay disco singer.

We assume the intent was to be funny. Mission successful. Please, enjoy:

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