Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Say, That John Wall Fella Can Jump

I haven't watched of Kentucky play yet this year (due to a variety of reasons, like choosing more compelling games featuring less talented players, or a sickening desire to continue to watch my beloved but bumbling Washington Retarded Kittens (nee Drunken Savages) play their way to a 4 win season.)

But it is impossible to avoid the talk of John Wall--I heard a lot about him while watching Kansas' Xavier Henry ball it up, for example. It usually goes something like "Henry is a fine shooter of the ball, but he probably doesn't have Wall's explosive athleticism." And watching Henry play, I was somewhat confused, for he is a pretty athletic cat.

Because I don't watch games like Kentucky vs. Hartford, I missed a pretty clear example of what people are talking about when they discuss Wall's physical gifts. I saw this via Yahoo's The Dagger, and it is impressive:

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