Friday, December 18, 2009

That's On Point, Dave Zirin

We've occasionally mocked the game of golf, and especially people who claim it is a sport, when it so clearly is not. I've quoted Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall, who in a sketch that took place at a golf club said, "I hate the game and I hate the people who play it even more!"

When Tiger Woods was hilariously named Athlete of the Decade by AP, I didn't think much about it, aside from the horrible, horrible timing. But Dave Zirin did, and said a bunch of things I've said for years, which I found enjoyable. I like having my opinions confirmed!

Says Zirin:

Golf is not a sport. It's a game. It's darts. It's billiards. It's the World Series of Poker with walking. I believe that anything that you can gain weight while performing, or anything you can do at a world-class level while smoking, just isn't a true athletic competition.

Otherwise the AP should've included people like the Great Takeru Kobayashi, who held the competitive hot dog eating record for six straight years. In 2001, he doubled the old mark, scarfing down 50 weenies in 12 minutes. Disgusting? Sure. But no more vile than the amount of acreage and water needed to maintain a golf course.

Then Zirin gives us his top 5 athletes, and they are, for the most part, excellent, inspired choices. Ronaldhino? Sure! Serena Williams? No argument there. Roger Federer? Of course. Kobe Bryant? I get it, as much as I hate it. Zirin goes a bit off the rails in my opinion with his last pick--Ray Lewis. Really, Ray Lewis? Zirin calls him the "the epitome of controlled adrenaline" which would be true, if Lewis had controlled his adrenaline in this past decade.

I've personally watched that guy rack up more deserved personal foul yardage than any other player in the league . Yes, he was a co-leader of one of the most consistently dominant defenses in the NFL, and Middle Linebacker is a physically demanding position. But is he clearly the best NFL player of the decade? Randy Moss? Larry Johnson and Shaun Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson might be argued for, for heaven's sake. If you are looking for a sneaky defensive, underrated player, how about Chuck Woodson? If Ray Lewis isn't the clear-cut player of the Decade (and I don't think he is) and he's clearly kind of an overly compensating nerd (which I think he is) then I don't see him on my list.

TV Funhouse- Ray Lewis
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