Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Don't Lie To Me, Brent Musberger

I don't mean to pick on the Old Timer All-Star Team of Musberger and Knight, but if they are going to be talking basketball, on TV, two things need to happen.

1. Bobby Knight needs to disabuse himself that he isn't a member of the media. "Oh, Brent, if I ever become a member of the media, I'd be the biggest Benedict Arnold in the sports world." Umm, dude? You are working for a media outlet, providing context and analysis of an event. You were to provide your insight. You are working for a television sports medium. You are the media. Sorry.

2. Brent Musberger needs to learn how to look at the clock at the same time he is watching a basketball game. I know it moves faster than football, but here's a pretty basic fact about hoops, time, and scoring. As Kansas, slowly but methodically pulled away from California, Brent Musberger kept trying to convince us the game wasn't over. But look, at 2:28 left in the game, and with a fourteen point difference, amongst the largest of the game--that is not the time to say, "California is still in the neighborhood, hangin' around this game." No, they are not. They are going to lose this game. Because Kansas had only a 9 point lead a few minutes before, and Kansas doesn't give up 14 point leads in the last 3 minutes of games. They don't. End of story.

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