Thursday, December 03, 2009

Impressive, Adrian Peterson

Almost 110mph on the fucking Crosstown?

I don't care how reckless it is, or how strange Peterson's promise is ("I need to be more aware of the speed I was going and not let it happen again."), getting up to that kind of speed on the Crosstown, as any native Twin Citian will tell you, is fucking amazing.

Top speed on the Crosstown most afternoons is about 22 mph. It's less crowded on Saturday evenings, but still--109 miles per hour? I would have thought that impossible.

As commenter/blogger Jess put it when she informed me of the totally impressive news, "Emulating Koren Robinson is probably not the best idea ever...At least he wasn't drunk?"

I myself simply look forward to The Hold Steady incorporating a line about AP doing 109 on the Crosstown.


Muumuuman said...

He must have been on foot to go that fast in the crosstown.

Jess said...

Oooh, there's been another one. Berrian this time, though.