Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Mike Tisdale, Potential Noodlin' Legend

In the midst of what looked like a Clemson blow-out of Illinois (Clemson led by 20, and somehow ended up losing) color commentator Jimmy Dykes started casting about for something to talk about. As IDYFTer Garwood B Jones noted last year, Dykes has an...affection for those he considers outdoorsman.

So that it wasn't a suprise that his remarks ended up being about Illinois Center Mike Tisdale's love of fishing, particularly for catfish. I paraphrase: "Mike Tisdale and his brother caught 300 pounds of catfish in one weekend! I asked him what kind of bait he used, and he said he'd weight a bluegill, make swim deeper than he wanted. He was catching 50, 60 pounders."

As it does when Dykes starts speaking extemporaneously, things got a little weird. Tisdale, according to Dykes, "Hasn't tried noodling, but I think he'd be awfully good at it. You know what noodlin' is? That's when you catch catfish using your hands as bait. You just climb into the water, and get them to bite your hands. Look at this guy--he's tall, so he could get into deep water, and still have his head above water." And then came a sentence I plan to use out of context as often as I can:

"He'd be a catfish's worst nightmare!"

Thank you, Jimmy Dykes!

For those of you who have never seen noodlin', here you go:

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