Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day Innocence Died

Charlie Sheen arrested? NO!

For a Domestic Disturbance Beef? NOOOOOOOOOO! Don't worry, everyone--it doesn't matter how many women Charlie Sheen allegedly beats or threatens. He will still be on the next season of America's most beloved, least funny comedy.

Let's compare just real quick what Charlie Sheen's career would have been like if he had been a professional sports type guy player. I'm pretty sure he might have been banned for life by now. He's been arrested and convicted (or plead out) a number of times; his own father reported for violating parole after his cocaine overdose.

Let's put it this way--if you somehow magically exchanged Charlie Sheen and Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan would not have a contract with Hanes. Jordan knows how to keep his shit on the down-low. Sheen does not, but doesn't have to, because he's Charlie Fucking Sheen, and what else do you expect from him?

Charlie Sheen is practically paid to get fucked up, slap ladies, and get arrested. That's his thing, man. And so far, CBS is cool with paying him a dump truck full of money. Because they care, but not that much.

update (12/28): Pulling a knife might be a step too far for CBS. We'll see.

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Muumuuman said...

While pulling a knife may be too much for 2 and a half men, it does up the ante for the Sheen stalking Jordan underwear ads.