Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There's No Rule Against Money Grubbing Ghosts in Basketball

Yesterday the new NCAA rankings came out, and no team still in the top 25 fell as far as the New Mexico Lobos, who lost their undefeated cachet and dropped from #13 to #19 in the AP Poll all thanks to one game against the Golden Eagles of Oral Roberts University.

That may seem harsh to those of us who follow small colleges, and know that Oral Roberts has already knocked off some big programs (if not super-great teams, like Stanford and Missouri). Still, this is the first time this season that the Eagles have beaten a ranked team this year, and it has people wondering*--is there something to the idea that much like in Angels in the Outfield, or The Sixth Man, the team is getting assistance from the supernatural? Perhaps, I don't know,

Of course, it can't really be like Angels in the Outfield.
That team was helped by angels. And no man who threatened his own life on national TV to make money is in heaven. So, we will go with that wacky comedy known and loved by everyone** The Sixth Man, wherein a ghost of a basketball player (ably played by the king of flip-up sunglasses Kadeem Hardison) returns to the earthly plane to help his team win and maybe, just maybe, teach his best friend Marlon Wayans a lesson about life.

I think we all need to watch Oral Roberts University carefully, and look for the telltale (and hilarious) signs of ghostly interference. The trailer of The Sixth Man provides a nice primer on what to look for. You may need to watch it a few times to catch everything, as you will undoubtedly be laughing too hard in some spots, and miss something crucial.

* I am probably the only one wondering about this.
** no one

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