Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trent Edwards is a Deep Something Or Another

I've read the Yahoo version; I've read the original Buffalo News version. Both have headlines that feature the word play of Edwards being a deep-thinker and a deep-thrower.

Here's my beef--in no place, is the actual deep thinking of Edwards discussed. Is this common knowledge, like old Buffalo Bills skipper Marv Levy's love of Shakespeare? Do we all know that Trent Edwards has always been a deep thinker?

If not, what does it mean to be a deep thinker. It is a maddening headline. It is never explained, not even in football terms. There isn't a single quote about how smart of a QB Edwards is--it is quote after quote about how good he is at slinging the ball.

No less a source than failed NFL QB and now QB coach Alex Van Pelt says that Edwards can huck a ball. He never says he is smart. He doesn't call him dumb, either, mind you. But the whole "Deep Thinker" aspect of the FUCKING HEADLINE is never addressed.

It bothers me, because I care about words, and nothing else important in the world is happening, clearly.

Everything is redeemed though, by this quote out of context. Alex Van Pelt, says, in comparison to other Quarterbacks, that Trent Edwards' "are just as heavy and as hard as anybody else’s.”


Anonymous said...

you are an idiot. obviously Edwards is smart if he went to STANFORD and gradutated with a degree in political science!!!

Big Blue Monkey said...

Hey anonymous--fuck you. Every reader of the article is supposed to know that Edwards has a degree in political science? As if that makes him smart? Our president is a go-tard, and he's a friggin' MBA from the Ivy League.

Regardless of Edwards' pedigree--the article still has a headline totally unrelated to the article itself. Which is rule 1 of how not to fail at journalism.

so, fuck you, schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you missed the entire fact that compared to other QB's, he is a 'deep thinker'. He actually.. dare I say it "thinks" before he throws. Something you see great's like Peyton Manning do. They take time to scan out the situation and then make a decision. As opposed to some knee-jerk reaction like Losman.

Jesus Christ give the guy some credit will you? Standford aside, football isn't a sport for some dumb jocks anymore... the days of all muscle and no head are over. Sorry to burst your bubble, the game actually requires a quarterback with some intelligence, and a coaching staff with even more.

so, fuck you, schmuck.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Damn it--I didn't say anything negative towards Edwards. He could be a genius for all I know. I know football players aren't all dumb jocks--I never said that they were. It's a nice Strawman to knock down, Anonymous, but it wasn't any where in my post.

My point was that article and the headline don't match. I expected to hear about how Edwards was the new Marv Levy, and instead I just got a bunch of quotes about how he throws a ball down the fucking chimney.

so, you know, fuck you, schmuck.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you could be a bigger moron than you already are, but I am mistaken. Who cares whether or not an article matches what its headline says, to an exact T? Obviously only you.

The kid played his heart out and led us to a victory, that's what true Bills Fans really care about. He moves the ball in the 4th when the team used to fall apart, so I don't care if he graduated from Stanford (which by the way I bet even you couldn't get in to) or ECC. He is a good football player.

So, fuck you asshole!