Sunday, September 28, 2008

6,000+ words on beating Dallas

Assuming that a picture is truly worth 1,000 words:

Jason Campbell had an outstanding game against a fierce pass rash. He was 20/31 for 231 yards and 2 TDs. He was poised and in control throughout the contest, shrugging off tacklers and making plays.

He is the only QB who hasn't thrown an INT this year and this smart, tough young QB is enjoying a rating of 102.2. That's the best in the division, fourth-best in the league. In this photo, he escapes from a Dallas fatty and throws a deep ball to ...

Santana Moss, certified platinum-plated badass. He has been an assassin against Dallas.

Clinton Portis is awesome. He slips through unstable holes and hammers the poor sap on the other side. He's not the home run hitter he used to be, but a rugged and dependable 4th Quarter Horse (get it?).

The run defense was exceptional. They allowed no holes and the LBs made solid tackles. If you take away RB Barber's anomalous 15-yard run, he averaged 1.5 yards per carry. Dallas gave up on their highly-lauded rushing because our run defense whipped their candy asses.

S Chris Horton ended a Dallas drive with a clutch INT in the late third quarter. While he didn't start, this promising rookie got a lot of quality playing time. Caucasian-American Doughty was a target in the passing game and will drop to the second team.

Horton is too good to keep off the field. He's an early front runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He broke on the WR's route at the snap of the ball for this INT: that's doing your film work, rookie. Keep it up.

CB Shawn Springs locked down BO until an injury forced Springs out. The young and depleted defensive backfield was stretched thin without Springs and CB Smoot yet they prevailed. BO whined like a little bitch that he wasn't getting the ball enough. Dallas passed to him seventeen times; he caught seven. I sure am glad this bitch who can't handle physical corners isn't on my awesome team.

Special teams broke about even until the game went down to an onside kick. I've been waiting for ST to lose a game for us and they nearly did, but the Dallas goon couldn't hang on. It was far closer than it should have been: when the receiving team knows an onside kick is coming they recover 90% of them.

Coach Zorn is the first Washington rookie coach since the legendary George Allen to beat Dallas in his first try. This provides Zorn with stable job security as we continue the 2008 campaign. Not many other young coaches in the league have that.

As hoped, Washington is improving every week. Traveling to Philly, the team still needs to get better and I believe they will. The offensive line needs to protect Campbell better. The defensive needs to generate a pass rush. Special teams return units have done nothing this year.

But I feel damn good about my football team.



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Andrew Wice said...


Big Blue Monkey said...

Agreed with all your points. Campbell's improvement since Week 1 has been the most obvious and enjoyable aspect of this team.

I hope Campbell gets to run this offense for more than 1 year.

Andrew Wice said...

As trigger-happy as Snyder can be, I think that beating Dallas assures Zorn a job for 2009.