Thursday, September 18, 2008

Suicide Watch: All of Minnesota

We all already know that the Vikings are replacing Tavaris "T-Jack!" Jackson with Gus "Gu-Fre!" Frerotte. Vikings fans are taking it with a mix of bemusement, confusion, and the occasional painful to watch optimism.

But now, the Purple and their Faithful got some more news, of the more clearly troubling kind--Adrian Peterson missed practice today because of a bad hammy. Uh-oh.

I know Minnesota likes to play up their Scandanavian heritage, but that doesn't mean their entire franchise has to have the angst and ennui of a Bergman film.

Here's an idea of a Vikings commercial: Brad Childress playing Chess with Death.

1 comment:

Lucy Rhode said...

Okay. Well done, Big BM, well done.