Thursday, June 14, 2007

When You Have Tiny Hands, You Can't Risk Injuries Like This

From the Fanhouse:

Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper injured his non-throwing hand in a car crash Wednesday night, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting. No details are available about the severity of the injury, but the injury is to Culpepper's non-throwing hand. So Culpepper might not need to miss any practice time at all.

Both the Fanhouse and the Sun-Sentinel seem to ignore how important Daunte's nonthrowing hand is. We are talking 84 fumbles in 85 games with a HEALTHY left and right hand. While the sportsmonkeys may overlook this injury, every GM in the NFL is adding it to a tally of reasons why Culpepper isn't worth more than 6th round pick. Edmonton beckons; so does Jacksonville, it appears. I'd take Edmonton. And so would Tony Kornheiser.

In more enlightened news, Jonathan Vilma did a worse job of separating himself from the fightin' dogs of Michael Vick than CLIN-TON Portis did.

New York Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma said his recent comments comparing dogfighting to horse racing were misunderstood. Vilma insisted “my comments that were misinterpreted were that I am not for or against dogfighting or Michael Vick.”

Yes, that sort of clear statement will clear all confusion.

Snuh? Vilma, buddy--you (or your publicist) need an editor.

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Badcock said...

Now Culpepper has teeny tiny broken hands.
Poor fella.

Any athlete who says anything about dogfighting at this point is obviously thick. However, anyone who scoffs at comparisons between horseracing and dogfighting are equally thick.

Dogfighting is obviously brutal, but don't let the fancy hats and mint juleps fool you.

My next novel, as it turns out, is going to be about the cruel world of horseracing.

It's called To the Last Horsecock. Like it?