Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Portis' Dog Day Update

I felt it was only proper to post an update on an incident we covered a couple of weeks ago. Clinton Portis (insert any/all a.k.a.’s) has found out the hard way that you do not piss off the animal rights groups of America. He stupidly stated, along with lineman Chris Samuels, that there is nothing wrong with dog fighting. It is quite likely that they were both high at the time of their statements (with all of their giggling and stupidity), but irregardless they were wrong, dead dog wrong.

Clinton, whom this blogger likes a lot, has changed his tune definitively in the face of overwhelming criticism. Does he mean it? Does it really matter? I for one feel it was an egregious offense, equal to that of any off-season exploits of other teams…let’s say the…Vikings or Bengals. Forgiveness is for priests and wieners.

I think we might all change our ideas on the matter if the fights were between dogs like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and any other vacuous bimbo’s purse-toted pups. And of course, the owners would be forced to watch. I think I am going to go make a pitch to Fox for a new reality tv series.


Badcock said...

Marijuana makes things funny.

Anyway, they cleared all that up. They were only kidding, remember?

Jerious Norwood said...

I kept hoping to hear a mainstream commentator argue that dog fighting is an integral, if misunderstood, aspect of African-American culture. Maybe I'll write a blog entry prosecuting that very point next time I'm high.

Badcock said...

If the dog don't bit, you must acquit!