Thursday, June 21, 2007

And That's Why....You Read BoingBoing

If this doesn't bring you joy, you are dead inside, and the only way you know how to live is to make everything dead around you.

(And yeah, whoever You Tubed this doesn't know a chipmunk from a fuckin' hole in the ground. It's a Prairie Dog, I'd wager. But still, this is why I read It is the little things that makes us happy, yeah?


lbutler36 said...

Those fuckers will give you monkey pox. Stay away.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Could this animal say any stronger to stay away? Bulged eyes, crescendo music, dramatic turn?

Clearly, this animal is a villain.

Super cute though. Awwww...

And monkey pox isn't that bad. Get's you out of work, and they can treat it easy. Not like Herpes. Goddamned herpes.

Jess said...

Clearly, I am dead inside. I despise rodents of any ilk.

Andrew Wice said...

Obviously, that is not a chipmunk.

Equally obviously, that is not a groundhog aka woodchuck.

Hard to tell the exact scale, but the dramatic villianous rodent is either a gerbil or a hamster.

Have any of you ever been outside?