Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ask a Joe--Who Would You Draft #3 Tonight?

Simple concept: We asked our friends from Season 2 of Pro vs. Joes who they would take #3 in the draft, and if it would matter if it was their own team at #3. Apparently the Joes are very busy this time of year, because we only heard back from two of them.

Rodney weighs in, with interesting speculation about trading the pick. (on the Wizards side, I feel his pain, especially if Agent Zero really leaves). I'll let Rodney tell it:

Atlanta: If I was the GM for Atlanta if I had to select someone I select Mike Conley Jr. But if I could trade with Portland and get Jarret Jack and Randolph it would be a win win situation. Jarrett gets to come back to Atl and Atlanta would have a proven scorer that [Portland] wants to get rid of anyway. And Portland (OM goodness) will have Oden and Conley jr...

Favorite Team: My favorite team is the Wizards and do we ever need help. I would trade the pick and try to get some front court help or pick Horford because he is NBA ready now! I can't wait to see what happens in the draft because no one is going to be right for their mock draft. Any thing can happen after the 2nd pick!

Our next contributor, Jackson, would like you to know that his Phoenix Suns should have the 3rd pick.

Atlanta: The Atlanta Hawks need to pick Brandan Wright for a few reasons. #1-They need a big athletic Shot blocker. There are enough point guards in the draft that they can wait until #11 to get their hands on someone good at the point guard position #2-The fans want him there. #3-He plays taller than he really is, and he handles the ball really well and knows how to find the open man. He could help the Hawks get more assists, something they are lacking with Joe Johnson who likes the glory.

Favorite Team: (Phoenix Suns) If my team had the #3 Pick, I go Asian all the way. Yi Jianlian is a quick 7 Ft force. He can score, he can pass, he’s young, he’s getting stronger each year, and he has more experience than most of the other big men in the draft. I would probably play him at a Power forward position, and use him in certain situations and to guard the likes of Duncan. As a Draftee, you could lock him up for the next 4-5 years and get him in the Prime. Years 3-5 would be dominant. But he is ready to play now.

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