Monday, June 25, 2007

Miwacar's Musings: June 25th

I believe it was Dick Bremmer that made the call on Saturday saying that a Twins pitcher would hit a homerun this last weekend of Inter-League play in Florida. As it turns out, he had a very near miss. Johann Santana ripped a triple off the base of the center field wall, after showing bunt. How great is it that the league’s best pitcher over the last 5 years added offensive potency to his already obese repertoire? Santana also made it 106 straight games of pitching at least 5 innings, which is as telling a stat of his dominance as there can be. I mean the guy has never had a game where he had an off day and had to be pulled early, something that happens to all pitchers, except for Cytana of course.

I hope the Twins can continue this improved offensive play and allow their young pitchers some room to attack the strike zone. The series next weekend with Detroit is big, so it is imperative they have all aspects of their game working, in order to make up a little ground before the All-Star break.

Hopefully, Mr. MVP will recover completely from his bruised lung, and that his short lay-off doesn’t affect the hot batting streak he has been on of late.

I don’t know about you (except that I know everything about you) but I am real excited about the Copa America that begins this week. Don’t misunderstand, I was excited to see the USA win its fourth Gold Cup, but come on it was the Concacaf, a JV tournament as international tournaments go. It is always nice to beat Mexico and to do it by coming back in a game in which the USA got out played in the first half, but they are not Argentina or Brazil.

I want to see two of the top teams in the world play their way through a tournament and I also want to see where this Bradley USA squad stacks up to the big dogs of our hemisphere. We will find out in short order when the USA plays Argentina on Thursday for their opening match of the tournament. I have no real expectations, other than Argentina making most teams in their group look like youth squads. However, anything can happen and that is what is exciting.

It will be interesting to see where Brazil is a year after their disappointing showing in the World Cup last year. There is a youth movement going on in Brazil, but I am not sure who will be playing, as Brazil has historically been very loyal to its veteran players, especially come tournament time. Brazil is my first favorite team; they taught me to love the game when I lived there and have always provided good reason to continue paying attention. As Canarias, should easily dispatch of Mexico Wednesday night, which will be fun, stupid Mexico.

P.S.-Wice, blow it out your ass, with the “God, soccer is gay” bullshit. That’s right, preemptive blogging.

Draft- Yeah? I hope we get someone who will help right away, but we are the T-Wolves and that is not what we do. I like Brewer or Greene, so we will take Hawes who will suck.

KG- I love KG, the Ticket, Da Kid and I had always hoped he would finish his career here in Minnesota, winning a couple of championships along the way, but I have come to terms with his departure if that is what God decides should happen. It has been amazing watching him develop into one of the best players of all time, but very difficult to see him excel individually and yet achieve so little with the poor, poor teams that have been put around him. “If you love someone let them go.” Go get your championship KG and be sure to bring us some 1st round picks when you go, because we’ll need them in the next few years, as we give ours away.


Jess said...

When the news of the seemingly inevitable KG trade comes down, I will be reduced to a weepy puddle for days.

I do so want to see him get a ring. I just hope it's with a team I don't hate. That narrows the list considerably.

Gabe said...

While I enjoyed the US run in the Gold Cup, I too am excited for Copa America.

I'm disappointed that we're not bringing our big guns to South America though. We seem to be giving a lot of our better players a much needed rest in their year-round playing schedule.

Not that we'd beat Brazil or Argentina anyway, but it would be great to see how our squad does against top competition.

Mexico is good and we almost looked like a decent international team in the final.


Miwacar said...

Gabe do you ride the G train or is that some type of nickname/pic thingy?

I ask because that was my train when I lived in Brooklyn. The only line that does not traverse the infidel grounds of Manhattan. Slow, winding and dirty. I miss it.

The Beautiful Game said...

i don't even care how the u.s. does really, that's what bradley is making us feel

seeing the best in action is what it is all about

i'll be rooting for us on thursday, but argentina all the way after that