Thursday, June 14, 2007

No Fear in This Dojo, Sensei

Adam Everett got done in by his own left outfielder, Carlos Lee. But to hear beat writer Alyson Footer tell it, "Everett collided with left fielder Carlos Lee as each attempted to catch a Jason Kendall fly ball in shallow left field." And while, yes, both players said that is was no man's land, it was clear in the video who was going to catch this ball, I think. Everett collided with Lee? I don't think so. Everett swept the leg in a way that Martin Kove would have approved of.

Lee also says he called for the ball, but a little too late. I'm not sure how that was his ball to call, seeing as he was having to make a diving grab for it, while Everett was there in time, and would have had the out, had his leg not been broken by Lee.

Speaking of leg sweeps, MLS and potential US Soccer Team player Kenny Cooper got rocked a couple of days ago. Tyrone Marshall put in a vicious hit from behind on Cooper, and broke his leg--he's out for quite a while. I don't have a lot of love for Cooper in terms of the international game, but I don't have much love for any of the current US strikers in their ability to play with their back to the goal. Cooper wasn't amazing at it, but he was better than a lot of the waterbugs currently tasked to the job.

Quick side Note: Tyrone Marshall's Intertubes go different places than mine do: "You go on the Internet, Fox Soccer Channel - everything is Kenny Cooper broke his leg and Tyrone Marshall."
Yep, on Earth-2, the internet is abuzz about a cheap shot in a MLS game. Here on Earth-Prime, not so much.

But I did see the video, and Marshall put in a forceful, clattering hit from behind. You hardly ever actually break a leg doing that. I believe Marshall when he says he wasn't trying to break Cooper's leg. But he was trying to bring Cooper down by fouling him hard. And let's not forget--it was the 89th minute in a 3-1 game. We can't even call it a professional foul gone awry. doesn't. They use adjectives like: 'vicious', 'brutal', & 'reckless'. I'm sure Marshall thought the worst he would do would wreck the ligaments in Cooper's knee. Leg break? No way!

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