Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend Stuff and Junk

The Washington Capitals are going back to their old sweaters. I would not have thought I cared about this; but having heard the news, I feel unbelievably happy about it.

Sid Hartman wants you to know that the chances of Kevin Garnett being traded are slim. How does he know this? Because he asked the owner, and we know the owner never lies (except that whole Joe Smith thing). Essentially, Sid wants you to know that he thinks his job is to ask one person about what might happen, and then take that person's word as Gospel Truth. And since ownership can never fail, Sid won't even weigh in on whether its a good idea or not. When it comes to metaphorical cock-sucking, we'd like you to know that Sid Hartman is the dirtiest tramp in the Twin Cities. Flash a little bling, he'll get you off. But it will be old and sandpapery feeling.

This Suit Is Not Black has some dirt on Fantasia and Larry Johnson. (TSINB is not nice to Fantasia)

Peter Schilling Junior (Is he the son of THE Peter Schlling? We don't know) is weighing in on the possible Torii "Gates of Shinto" Hunter Trade. We agree with Pete--there are many scenarios for keeping Hunter that just require the Pohlads to not be dicks. The fact is, if the rest of the MLB is willing to believe that Hunter will get paid in MN, his value as trade bait goes up. But I don't think anyone in the MLB really thinks that the Twins will re-sign THunt. Prove us wrong, Pohlads! And then re-sign Cuddyer, Morneau, Maurer, and Santana. Easy!

The Head Chick rarely covers soccer. She is now, but mainly to make fun of Bobby Boswell, who totally deserves it. Regardless, she did it to get our attention, we're pretty sure. We are modest, but we know that the Head Chick digs us.

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