Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Praise Of: Minnesota RollerGirls

Minnesota has a lot to be proud of, aside from all the lakes and loons and shit. There's the music (Dylan, The 'Mats, Prince, Husker Du, The Geardaddies, P.O.S, Brother Ali), there is the whole liberal conscience of a nation thing: Humphrey, Wellstone, Mondale.

Plus, the most bestest thing ever, Swedish Doughnuts are available to us, if we drive to Stockholm, WI, and visit Bogus Creek Bakery. The last time I was there, I idly wondered whether I could somehow marry the owner of the Bakery, Colleen Flynn, and spend the rest of my life eating sugary, flaky pastries.

Which is my way of saying, here in Minnesota, Weird kind-of sports abound.

Sure, we invented Water-Skiing. We are home to many an ex-Pro Wrestler, some lived in the Governor's mansion. I live within 3 miles of a fully functional Curling Club.

But Why Live In the Pabst (I mean Past)? Why haven't we celebrated the MN RollerGirls? Yeah, that's right--the Twin Cities have brought back Roller Derby. And it is hot, and alternative, and a little ironic. But mainly hot.

And so we mention, quite happily, to our woman readers that the RollerGirls are holding auditions.


Andrew Wice said...

I believe the MN roller derby team is about to arrive in NM for a rough-and-tumble time.

Anybody interested in bets between MN and NM?

Miwacar said...

Tootsie Roller (retired) from the Atomic team is the Office Manager and long-time employee of the original, and still best, Dunn Brothers.

Jess said...

I think I'd make a good Roller Girl (I've even bar-bonded with a few at a friend's band's show). But my body is half broken down already. I probably shouldn't hasten my inevitable collapse.