Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrating The Accidental Readers of This Blog

Every blog has a free plug-in, that delivers some stats about how many people visited the blog on any given day, how long they stayed, and most entertainingly (to me) how they got there.

I feel a strange sense of pride when I look at the terms people entered into their preferred search engines, and know pretty surely that they ended up here because we provided something they were looking for.

I'm pretty sure, for example, that the person who searched "Steve Lavin big words" was looking for someone to castigate Steve Lavin for not using big words correctly. Hey, random reader, you are welcome!

I'm totally shocked that someone took the time to search for "mike tisdale catfish". I bet that person was equally shocked that someone on the web had taken the time to detail the Jimmy Dykes commentary about Mike Tisdale's love of fishing. And maybe that person learned something about noodling, as well. Realistically, most people don't know what noodling is, and they don't know who the fuck Mike Tisdale is. I like to think we served the one person who went looking for answers well.

Someone out there was wondering why there was a drug that has a name that sounds like Ass Effects. They ended up here, because I had the same question. Solidarity, brothers and sisters!

That's just the past couple of days. It makes me happy to know that people are getting some answers to their questions, or at least confirmation that their questions are legitimate--they didn't dream about the drug that sounds like a scientific name for farts, or hillbilly fishing in the middle of a college basketball game, or what have you. That's the Internet in action, Damn it!

I should note that we do seem to be getting a lot of pedophiles, thanks to very, very occasional contributor barnyard's post on the World Cup from 4 years ago. He featured, in his lead in, a photo of a young Italian boy in his underwear. In the past three days, fucked up dudes have found this website using search terms like "young boy", "young naked boys", "pictures of boys balls".

Guess what, fuckos? I have your IP addresses. Think about that next time you go skeeving for underage boy photos.

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