Sunday, January 03, 2010

And The Winner Is ...

Thanks to two well-placed long bombs (DC Generals 4-12, Favre didn't miss a start) as well as a perfect run in the final week, the 2009 IDYFT Pick'em champion is: Miwacar.

After a slow start, Miwacar grabbed hold of the top spot and refused to surrender it. Despite some late heroics by his competitors, he won't have to share his genuine To The Last Drop t-shirt with any fool.

Final Standings
1. Miwacar: 100 pts (this week +35)
2. Jess: 77 pts (this week +13)
3. Barnyard: 68 pts (this week +5)
4. MuuMan: 58 pts
5. Leftnut: 49 pts (this week +12)
6. Adw: incompetent

Good News: While this year's regular season Pick'em has concluded, there will be a 2009 Playoff Pick'em with another incredible prize!

By way of congratulations to Miwacar, here's an obligatory photo of your Vikings, the second seed in the NFC.


Miwacar said...

First of all, I would like to thank my incredible football genius. I couldn't have won without it.

ADW I wear a medium tshirt.

As for the Favre pick, the guy hasn't missed a start in his career. Why would anyone vote against that.

And lastly, I will proud to display the To the Last Drop logo to the world.

Jess said...

Congratulations, Miwacar.

I'm totally mad that I lost, even though I already have the t-shirt. Curse your football acumen!

Andrew Wice said...

Miwacar, I'll need your mailing address -- I don't have it with me. The shirts are in NM so you'll have to be patient until I get back there, probably February, and will thereupon send your shirt post-haste!