Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Saturday Morning Wrap Up

Remember when I talked, at length, about the American Needle case? Dave Zirin is weighing in, too.

Lots of College Basketball to watch this weekend. Rivals has a viewing guide. Ohio State vs. West Virginia is of particular interest, and should be available to just about everybody. Speaking of college hoops--remember when I praised Jason King for singing the praises of the Missouri Valley? It's becoming kind of uncool, because now Sports Illustrated has a piece on the Northern Iowa Panthers. How can I make sneaky picks in March when the Missouri Valley is getting this much love?

Herschel Walker, age 47, with less than a year of training under his belt, is about to enter the MMA ring. That either goes horribly, or the sport loses all credibility. I don't care how awesome Herschel Walker is, or how he used to bench press cows, or whatever...if a 47 year old who has never participated in your sport can win after just six months of training, your sport loses credibility. My guess is that Walker is going to get his ass kicked, though. This has Bad Idea Jeans written all over it.

Let's talk World Cup, real quick like. Here's how you can tell a writer is from Australia--when the writer refers to the group that Australia is in as being headlined by Germany and Australia, but also includes Ghana. Dear Australian writer--your admittedly hard-nosed, somewhat talented team is not the second team in that group. It is Germany and Ghana. You and Serbia are tied for 3rd right now. And barring a time traveling emigre from Brazil named Rivaldo or Bebeto who seeks Australian citizenship, I don't see that state of affairs changing.

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