Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Defense Did What?

Oh for fuck's sake. The freaky janitor isn't done scraping "Zorn" off the glass, and the Washington Generals have already unplugged their bowels all over themselves.

The postseason has another month of football. Couldn't this have waited a bit longer?

The Washington Generals have hired Albino-American Jim Haslett to coordinate the defense.

I mean ... fuck. Really? Fuck.

The 2009 defense certainly had its problems (chiefly, spending too much time on the field and no ability to close), but it was easily the best of the Washington Generals' three units. The defense was ranked in the top ten for the third year in a row, which made it a top ten defense for eight of the last ten years. It's been the only the thing the Washington Generals have had, lo these many dark years.

So we're going to blow it the fuck up. The entire coaching staff, the scheme, the whole enchilada: prepare to scrape the 2010 Washington Generals off the inside of your microwave.

The Redskins have always run a 4-3. They (Shanahan? Snyder? Allen?) have hired Jim Haslett to take over the defense. Two things make this as hard for me to swallow as an iron ball.

1) Haslett runs a 3-4, creating immediate problems in personnel, continuity and philosophy. Perversely, Shanahan exclusively ran a 4-3 in Denver until he switched in 2008 ... and was fired.

2) Haslett's last gig, coaching the Saints, was a bitter disappointment due to its terrible, sloppy, crappy, porous defense.

I could go on, but I won't. Maybe this will look better in the morning.

In the meantime, go JETS! Scorch the Nerfneck!


Miwacar said...

Although Bugger makes a perfect 3-4 nose guard. You have good LB's (wit depth at the position). Perhaps it isn't the worst change. Unfortunaetely Year one of a new scheme can be tough. But the Packers were a top 5 D in their first year.

Recap: Scheme could be good. Haslett not so much.

Muumuuman said...

On the plus side, he does kind-a look like Caesarish.

Andrew Wice said...

We definitely DO NOT have LB depth. We were unable to field three starting LBs this year. Besides Fletcher we have declining Rocky Mcintosh and ... nobody else.

This move should cement Orakpo as a LB, even though he made all of his plays as a DE and was a devastating liability in pass coverage.