Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh No--Fox in My Dollhouse

I've enjoyed Dollhouse since the beginning, but this season, with the knowledge that they were going off the air, has been balls out and awesome and mind-blowing. Everything is coming together beautifully. One way to kind of ruin it, for just seconds at a time, is to have the Executive Producer dump his or her friends into bit parts over the final episodes. Sure, Eliza Dushku seems to be dating Rick Fox, but does that mean he has to show up on one of my favorite fucking shows?

Eliza, whatever or whoever you do on your time is fine--but don't bring hated sports stars on Dollhouse. What next? Is Derek Fisher or Deion Sanders going to get a quick cameo? Fuck that shit. Let us never speak of this again, and let's fix it for the DVD release.

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