Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News? For US Soccer? What?

I was getting ready to write about the injuries piling up for the USA Men's team, and in particular, the fact that Clint Dempsey, possible starting striker and the Rappin' Rodney of futbol, went down in a Premiership League game over the weekend with what looked like a pretty bad knee injury.

But, hey, Good News! No torn ligaments, and no surgery needed. He will be rehabbing, and should be back in plenty of time for the World Cup.

I was going to mention that it sure doesn't look for Oguchi Onyewu to be back in time to solidify the back four of the United States.

But, hey, Good News! Gooch himself thinks he'll be playing in the March 3rd friendly against the Clockwork Orange. Awesome.

more good news--Landon Donovan doesn't seem to hate playing internationally anymore, which is something that can only help him and the US in the long run.

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