Sunday, January 17, 2010

Celebrating the Diversity of the NFL!

I'm pretty sure you are doing it wrong:

Dear anonymous Jets supporter. I see the Jets licensed serape, and I know that's something that USC helped to start, so I guess that's cool. But the fake moustache? Not a good move, and one that doesn't really celebrate Sanchez's Mexican-American heritage. Also the painted straw hat, with a electrical tape "6" on the side? Also poor form. Please rethink your choices. Mexican-America will thank you.


Muumuuman said...

Could be worse, the guy next to him could be dressed as a burro. Oh wait, that'd be Juan Valdez. So how could you kick up Sanchez a notch?

Andrew Wice said...

You guys are just jealous.

Me gusto sombreros!

Muumuuman said...

Excellent Andy! May I suggest wearing a similar outfit around your neck of the woods?