Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everlasting Gobstopper

Favre throws a 4th quarter, season-ending INT?

Let's hope that induces a gag reflex on his sportsjack legions. What next for the Vikings? This team made an impressive run to get to the championship, riding Favre's arm as far as it could take them.

While he will certainly want to come back, to get the taste of that chokeball out of his throat, it is still in the Viking's best interest to get a different QB. I've got no beef with the Vikes, but I am very sick of Favre and all the sportsjacks blowing his boyishness all over themselves.

My gorge riseth. Favre ends the season doing what he does better than any QB in pro football history: chucking INTs. The flavor of that final boner is going persist longer than the birthmark of Drew Brees.

So a clap on the back for the Jets and the Vikings. Good job.

And I hereby submit: anyone who roots for the Colts against the Saints is officially an asshole.

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