Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Happiest College Basketball Day

There are few things that make me happier as a college basketball fan that grew up in Northern Virginia than seeing both Georgetown beat a ranked opponent, and UNC losing to an unranked one. What a fantastic evening. Potential extra bonus: Duke is down to NC State as I type. What a super special evening.

The Georgetown - Pittsburgh game had the added bonus of being really entertaining, and really close throughout. A player who didn't contribute a whole lot last year but has been getting more time, buckets and boards and is worth keeping an eye on is Julian Vaughn. He's not flashy, but he gives the Hoyas a number of guys who score in different ways. They often end up with 4 or 5 guys in double digits. When they do, increasingly, Vaughn is one of those guys.

But the icing has got to be North Carolina losing their 3rd game in a row to one hell of a streaky ass team in Wake Forest. This Wake Forest team this year has lost to the likes of Purdue, William & Mary and Miami (FL). They've also beaten Gonzaga and Maryland. Those wins were close. This one wasn't. This was an ass-kicking.

If NC State can hold on and beat Duke, UNC would find themselves in sole possession of 2nd to last place in the ACC. Obviously, it is early in the season. However, there is less time to get things turned around then you might think. Especially for a team that plays 8 of their next 12 games against a ranked opponent and/or on the road. Especially for a team that at this point has one quality win on the road, against Ohio State eight weeks ago.

No pressure, UNC. But you better get your shit figured and fast, or you ain't going to the Big Dance. Your resume right now is paper thin--one of the thinnest I've seen for a team that is still somehow ranked in the Top 25 (but won't be come Monday).

(As I finish writing, it sure looks like NC State is going to beat Duke. Happiest day of hoops I've had thus far this season)

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