Saturday, January 09, 2010

Product Testing From SoccerPro

The lads from SoccerPro saw fit to give us some more stuff to test-drive. They very kindly didn't flood our box (that's what she said) with crap we didn't want. They let us choose our shit. And because we were living in a dream world in which winter doesn't come to Minnesota, we picked soccer shirts.

We (and by we I mean Miwacar and me) received our shirts in early December, which was a ridiculously cold month. So I can't rate the shirts based on people going "Hey man, cool shirt." Because you know who sees your t-shirt in Minnesota during an especially cold December? You, your lover, and anyone rocking X-ray specs. That's it.

So I can't tell you that Miwacar has been basking in compliments everywhere he goes thanks to his pretty badass Brazil T-shirt. I think I've mentioned before that despite the fact that Miwacar refuses to root for teams like The Yankees, or the Cowboys, or other somewhat perennial winners, he is a Brazil booster when it comes to the World Cup. Come June of this year, he'll be draped in Brazilian garb despite the fact that he's a Scandahoovian with no genes in his pasty ass chromosomes from south of the equator.

I've not rocked my Celtic t-shirt that I picked because frankly, I'm so layered these days--t-shirt, second shirt, button down shirt, and sweater, that it seems like a waste to bust out my pseudo Irish Catholic pride. But it's a pretty great shirt, with just a bit of texture--who is this guy with two thumbs is pointing at himself and saying, "Who has two thumbs and likes this shirt?" It's me, bitches.

End advertising transmission. Though I have to say that you don't see us whoring out for the gambling websites (who contact us daily about a "blog link exchange"). We like the folks at SoccerPro, and if you dig soccer gear, we honestly think you will dig them too. Check 'em out.

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