Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pros vs. Joes: A Commentary

As everyone knows, this blog is the place to go for Pro vs. Joes commentaries. It is also where Joes come to read about their performance. After a bit of cajoling, we've got a Season 2 Joe weighing in on some of the problems we've had with Season 3.

As a Season 2 Joe I am officially voicing my opinion of the pros and Cons of Season 3. It has been mentioned that the new format is better... Better for who? my reply to that is it is better for the PROS, and the viewers. NOT for the Joes.

this new format allows 8 Joes a shot at competing. 2 don't even get to meet, let alone compete with the Pro on any level. 3 more only get one shot at one event with one Pro. and although i do like 3 Joes competing in OT, 5 Joes got royally screwed, and 2 have to return back to their families and tell them that after all they went, through... they MIGHT get their name mentioned once by Petros.

Even the losing Joe in Seaosn 1-2, got to compete in 3 different sports against 3 different Joes... that's what we Joes live for... competiton! Now one thing that season 3 does have going for it is #1 - The $100K prize. #2.. the Pros are going ALL OUT and have no regard for the health, and safety of the Joes, which is as it should be! Season two showed Joy Jones Jr boxing Joes at MAYBE 40%. Arturo Gatti is my freaking HERO for knocking these guys silly in just a few seconds. That was amazing. as was Ricky Williams' disregard for his Crash Test Dummy before, during and after the big hit. yes as a fan of the show... it's more physical, and much more exciting to watch, but as a participant, i have to say hitting against Dibble, (Then tackling him off the mound, gaurding Rison-twice, shooting against Smitz, and trying to return Genepri's Serves, was much for thrilling than simply getting one shot. Let's just hope the finale see much more Pro Vs Joe Action in multiple events. I mean, we don't even know if some of these Joes can hang in multiple sports or if they just got lucky and dominated in their one good event.

I couldn't agree more.


Chris said...

does it really matter? All the Joes just end up getting pummeled anyway.

Big Blue Monkey said...

My uncle would have called that a "piss-poor paranoid attitude" Chris.

Andrew Wice said...

I thought he was your aunt now.