Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh no, it begins ...

Much like Barney Gumble, the Redskins' owner Dan Snyder has a tragic lack of self-control. Just a taste of even non-alcoholic champagne and Snyder succumbs to vice: avarice.

New head coach Jim Zorn, with little opportunity to determine his own staff, has convinced the Redskins that what they really need is a new running backs coach. So Snyder flopped open his turgid wallet and bought "Stump" Mitchell from the the depleted Seahawks.

While I understand that Zorn and Mitchell were colleagues and friends, and Mitchell's running backs have a solid string of 1,000 yard seasons, I see this as an ominous development.

Because the Redskins, who have already changed the head coach, D coordinator, D line coach and O coordinator from their 2008 playoff team, were in full possession of an excellent running backs coach: Ernest Byner.

Not only have Byner's running backs also posted a solid string of 1,000 yard seasons, he is one of the very few people left in the organization with Superbowl-winning experience. And guess what: he won the Superbowl as a member of the Redskins.

Under Snyder, the Redskins "family" is less intact than a 70's supergroup. Jettisoning Ernest Byner is only the most recent of Snyder's disloyal, shameful and embarrassing flap-jobs.

But it lets us know that Snyder's Russian Roulette strategy (spin the cylinder, squeeze the trigger, repeat if necessary) isn't going to change any time soon. Free agency looms. Better strap on your jetpacks.


Big Blue Monkey said...

If this is all an elaborate ploy to get Bill Cowher, it certainly isn't worth it.

If it is an elaborate ploy to get Steve Largent to strap the helmet on one more time, and get really really hurt, then it might just be worth it.

Andrew Wice said...

I heard that Snyder wants to hire Tony Mandarich as the new strength and conditioning coach.

Muumuuman said...

I hear Snyder is looking to steal Matt Millen from the Lions.

Denny Green!