Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Official: Haynesworth Is An Asshole

I've held my fire and hoped for the best amid the storm of reports that Washington DT Albert Haynesworth would hold out because he doesn't like the 3-4 scheme. I've even ameliorated his absence from voluntary OTAs.

Today was a mandatory mini-camp and Haynesworth did not show up. Particularly vexing is that he cashed a $21 million check in April. Players and coaches called him selfish, with LB London Fletcher issuing the harshest comments which included an indictment of Haynesworth's me-first attitude last year.

It looks like another big money bust for Dan Snyder. Add Haynesworth to the list (D. Sanders, Archuleta, B. Smith, J. Taylor, et al) of former pro bowlers who took the money and ran. If the Shanahan regime can't change this team's culture, my favorite team will remain a punchline in the NFL.

As for this season, Haynesworth can be fined $9,000 per day. At that rate, it would take 2,333 days to get back his April 1st bonus.

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