Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Trust Clarence Goodson a Good Deal Less Than I Did Before

I didn't have a whole lot of "faith" (foreshadowing quotes!) in US defender Clarence Goodson before reading the SI World Cup preview issue I received today.  He's been caught out of position a number of times, lacks the leadership skills you look for in a central defender, and is just too damn green for a World Cup.  He's green at age 28.  That's troubling.

Just as troubling?  He's spending his hard-earned money getting an online "degree" in religion from the Falwell family tax-shelter that is Liberty University.  It's one thing if an NFL kicker thinks that a Liberty education is a real education--placekickers can afford to be stupid--just point them in the right direction and let them bang away.

We can't afford that level of stupidity in the back of our defense.  Clarence Goodson, take your joke degree and go sit on the bench!

(Helpful reminder:  Liberty University was established by this man):

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