Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lies, damn lies, and then there are Statistics. And then Polls.

A recent poll on Sportsnation asked "What is Dan Snyder's Worst Free Agent Signing?"

With the Hayensworth debacle reaching full crescendo, he placed first. Naturally, fans are most irate over who's screwing over Washington right now, and 46% say it's Haynesworth.

I would like to take an informal poll in this more exclusive, intellectually patient and thoughtful venue, and ask the same question. What is Dan Synder's Worst Free Agent Signing?

Here are some top choices, but of course we'll accept write-ins. Please vote in the comments section.

Albert Haynesworth, Adam Archuleta, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Brandon Lloyd, Jeff George, Gross Rexman, Jason Taylor.

1 comment:

Andrew Wice said...

Although Archuleta's signing crushed them in the salary cap for years after they released this twat, and we had to continue to compensate for Jason Taylor even after he went back to Miami, my vote goes to Deion Sanders.

This human stool is everything I hate: an ego-driven, loud pussy who talked big and produced nothing. He was my most hated player when he was refusing to make tackles for the Cowboys. Snyder brought him in at the end of his career, and pushed out future Hall of Famer and true Redskin Brian Mitchell.

Deion Sanders, I hope you get diarrhea all over your fancy pants.