Friday, June 25, 2010

Get to Know Slovakia

With the final segment of the First Round games in the World Cup, we are getting some tickets punched for the second round. Let's learn a little something about the the Czech Republic's upstart cousin, Slovakia.  (More fun facts about qualifers can be found on the internet, specifically this website right here)

1.  Ancient Slovakians were into boobies.  To be specific, I'm talking about the statue dated to almost 25,000 years ago, the Venus of Moravany.  Carved from mammoth ivory, it features one very naked lady and stands under 10 centimeters tall.

2.  Slovakia is the birthplace of one of the coolest Washington Capitals ever, Peter Bondra.  Peter Bondra was a speedy goal scoring demon.  In the three seasons between 1995 and 1998, Bondra scored 52, 46, and 52 goals; he had more than 25 assists each of those years as well.  Peter Bondra alone is enough for me to feel a fair amount of affection for Slovakia.

3.  Štefan Banič is a patron saint for all the people in America who don't have enough to worry about in their lives--he invented the first commonly used parachute!

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