Friday, June 25, 2010

Get to Know the Netherlands

With the final segment of the First Round games in the World Cup, we are getting some tickets punched for the second round. Let's learn a little something about those nutty Orange Clad Stoners, Netherlands. (More fun facts about qualifers can be found on the internet, specifically this website right here)

1.  Tulip Mania! It may or may not have happened; but I love the idea that people don't buy into the idea of speculative markets crashing.  Ummm, the past decade's real estate market doesn't count?  How about the comic book boom that almost destroyed the industry?  It says something about Holland that they may have almost wrecked their economy over flowers.

2.  Give it up for Christiaan Huygens--critical work in mathematics (probability theory), astronomy (discovered Titan), and physics (a whole bunch of stuff).  He also apparently believed in aliens.  AWESOME.

3.  The Dutch bred the Holstein Cow.  It is just my favorite dairy cow of all time.  I mean, come on--is it even close?  No cow produces more milk!  Maybe you like the Jersey?  That's silly.  The Guernsey?  FUCK YOU.  It's the Holstein all the way.  Good job, Netherlands!

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