Monday, March 01, 2010

Meaningless, Idle Speculation About Pierre Thomas

The Saints have offered a 2nd round tender to Pierre Thomas. The Times-Picayune, and a lot of the fantasy football sites, all contend that while that sounds low, the Saints have looked at the market and have decided that they'll take their chances. After all, even if some other team comes along and is willing to give up a 2nd round pick to sign a young, versatile running back, and offers Thomas a big spanking new contract, the Saints will have the right to sign him to a matching deal.

So everyone seems to think that he'll probably remain with the Saints. But this still seems like risky behavior to me. Do the Chargers have anything to lose in offering a guy like Thomas a big deal? If he signs, he instantly improves what has been the Incredible Disappearing Backfield, at the price of a 2nd round draft pick. If the Saints match, the Chargers will have forced a rival team into spending more than maybe they wanted to.

If I'm managing the Chargers, I take a long hard look at offering Thomas at least something, and test the Saints resolve in holding onto their most complete running back.

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