Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rex Grossman Also Now a Drunken Savage

Andrew Wice emailed a week or so ago warning me of the impending signing of Rex Grossman, but I didn't believe.   Why would any team sign that guy?  Why would Washington?  How is Grossman an improvement over Todd Collins?

Regardless of the fact that those questions are basically unanswerable, the Drunken Savages went ahead and did it anyway.  Now, note--this doesn't reflect any sort of major misstep in the Deion Sanders way.  It's just knowing that when someone asks, "Rex Grossman?  Whatever happened to that fucking piece of shit?"  I'll have to say, "He's on my team."  Between this signing and Larry Johnson, we are really racking up the guys who had a good year several years ago.


Jess said...

I'm not laughing. I swear.

Andrew Wice said...

Makes me hangover that much worse.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

It seems to have had a troubling effect on your grammar as well.