Friday, March 05, 2010

Exactly - Charles Pierce Gets the CBA Horsepuckey Right

Two Charles Pierce posts in a row?  Yeah, because every time I remember to go read Charles Pierce, I'm happy that I do.  We've talked a lot on this here blog about the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NFL, and how the NFLPA is having swim upstream against the current of bullshit coming from the owners.  Here's Pierce:

It would be nice if Commissioner Roger Goodell could do a better job of pretending he isn't in management's pocket on this one. It would be nice if Kraft and his fellow owners would let the labor side see the actual books. It would be nice if they would admit that, whatever financial problems they actually have are less the result of salaries and more the result of grandiose real-estate transactions, and ego-driven, debt-ridden elephantine stadium projects like the one in Dallas. It would be nice if, generally, people would look at what football players do for a living and realize that, of all the athletes in team sports, they risk more for less reward than do any of the others, and that they do so in a system where not even contracts mean what they say. That's what "assuming risk" really is.

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