Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nerd Break

A while back, we interviewed comic creater Joshua Dysart about his favorite movies.  At the time, we highly recommended his then brand new book, Unknown Soldier.  It has since won, roughly, a metric shit tonne of awards.

My  favorite new book is another Vertigo imprint, called Unwritten, by a great writer named Mike Carey (not be confused with the NFL referee).  It's going to win a ton of awards this year.

So, nerdish tendencies demonstrated, I was justifiably interested in an interview about process and writing featuring both of those guys, conducted by a guy who knows their styles best--their shared editor, Pornsak Pichetshote.  It is a fascinating read, by guys who love what they do, and are great at it.  Go read it.

And then, maybe, buy some books:

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