Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come Tickle the Twine (In a Non-Sexual Manner (For Now))

 We are once again playing March Madness over on Yahoo.  The only things necessary to play are a Yahoo ID and a willingness to put up with those of us that done run this blog.  We know, we know--hardly worth it.  But if you do well, you could win free gear, ranging from a Jesus Playing Basketball Statuette all the way down a coffee mug that promotes this here blog.  But again--we aren't charging you, so stop complaining, for fuck's sake.  We're not going to beg you to play.  We don't need you.  We don't need anybody!  

Click the link above.  The only things you should need to know beyond your own ID and password are our groups login and password.

We are Group #: 48428
The password is:  vitalepitstains

The Kurt Rambis Dog says, "Play, you bitches."  (photo stolen from the awesome Hipster Puppies)

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