Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dear Cleveland Browns--Spazzy Pitt Fans Spit Knowledge

This slack-jawed yokel at the Pittsburgh/Providence tilt has some advice for the Cleveland Browns.

Honestly, I'm trying to remember the last time I saw NFL advice in the signage of the student's section at a NCAA basketball game. Another example is not jumping to mind. Good work, Cletus.

The scary thing is, the slack-jawed yokels seem to more on target than the guys who get paid big money to make big money decisions. The Chargers narrowly avoided going into the draft without a running back; The Saints tendered their best overall running back with a deal so cheap that it practically invites another team to make a move on him (for example--Pierre Thomas would be cheaper to go after Jason Campbell); The Raiders have gone full-bore batshit insane on their Restricted Free Agents.

Seriously, Cleveland Browns--you have one bona fide skill player on offense and special teams--the rest of your team is either super old, or unproven youngsters--you are having a hard time figuring out whether to sign the man who accounted for like 130% of your yardage this past season? Is he worth $10 million guaranteed? More than the rest of your team combined is, yes.

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