Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gross Rexman

What had been a calm, encouraging off-season for the Washington football team has turned dark. Very dark. Very dark, indeed.

Larry Johnson is a poor addition, but at least he's talented. Gross Rexman was never good, QED.

After losing the Superbowl: "Even if Grossman manages to chuck a ball into the right place, his WRs & TEs are so surprised to receive the ball that whackiness ensues ... every time the Bears had an opportunity, Rex 'Gilligan' Grossman boofed it up ... If the Bears had a QB, they could be a very good team."

When the Bears inexplicably re-signed him again: "I am so glad I'm not a fan of the Bears ... Rexman has been in the NFL since 2003 and there isn't much reason to believe he'll turn into a good quarterback."

Well, the muthafuckin joke's on me.


Muumuuman said...

See my post from last year for my comment:

Andrew Wice said...

Sticks and stones will be permitted to break his bones.