Friday, February 26, 2010

Alvin Robertson Did What?

You expect some crime from people. Therefore, you expect some crime from former professional athletes.

I feel as though I was quite innocent in those days when I reacted with shock to the news that Bam Morris (10 pounds) or Nate Newton (213 pounds) got arrested for a lot of marijuana in their car.

Because, Alvin Robertson is truly shocking. Fuck drugs. He engaged, allegedly, in an underage sex ring. So says the fourteen year old girl who escaped the ring Robertson is allegedly involved with, who says they drove her around, made her engage in sex acts, and then made her dance in a strip club.

I mean, really? Holy shit. I think that's as good as my commentary is going to be. HOLY SHIT. It should be noted that as a former Milwaukee Buck, Robertson was exposed to the seamy underbelly of the United States known as Wisconsin, where, presumably, this kind of shit happens all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Was the girl hot?