Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Glad I Don't Work With ESPN's Dave Pasch

I say that because of this interview with the Christian Standard that I fell into by accident whilst trying to remember how to spell the guy's name.

Turns out, good ol' ESPN play-by-play guy is a devout Evangelical Christian. And of course, the interviewer asks him about witnessing to colleagues, and he says this about it:

I was at the ESPN college football meetings last year and God just put it on my heart to put out a monthly message to a group of Christian broadcasters—on-air people, producers, directors, camera people, and others who are believers... It’s always hard to witness to a stranger, but it’s much harder with the people you work with. You have to invest in those relationships—to love them and also for encouragement.

I think we all need encouragement. We’re the body of Christ. We can all be used. Romans 1:12 talks about being “mutually encouraged” in each other’s faith. It’s easy to live the comfortable Christian life, to not be in the Word, to not disciple. I’m no different than any other Christian. I would appreciate any prayers about being bold for the Lord. We all have an obligation, that command from Christ to open our mouths for him.

Watch out Len Elmore, Bobby Knight, Jay Bilas and Steve Lavin--Dave Pasch is working up the courage to ask you if you are right with Christ.

Another fun fact from the interview that makes me ponder the implications--Pasch says he was born and raised in a pretty relaxed Jewish household. Does he believe his family is going to hell because they haven't yet accepted Jesus?

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